Bang for Your Buck

Who doesn't love getting bang for their buck? You work hard in order to provide for your family, and you don't want to spend all of your earnings on a single appliance, so opting for the most economical one is a great idea. But what if you need something that's usually quite expensive, like a refrigerator? Let's see if Haier's HRF15N3AGS French Door 28-Inch Counter Depth refrigerator works for you!

This model is a compact French door refrigerator: but you get all the benefits, like fresh food at the eye level, compartmentalized storage, and beautiful design, in a 28-inch wide platform, and at a truly affordable price.

Stainless-style finish, capacitive touchscreen control panel, and seamless front panels will make this refrigerator look beautiful (and far more expensive than it actually is) in your kitchen, and save you some valuable workspace, too. Once you open it, you will find a surprisingly big amount of usable storage, two freezer drawers – one with an adjustable partition, the other one without – that are very accessible, three bucket shelves on the left and three on the right door, and well-appointed shelves. What's more, you can not only count on consistent and accurate temperatures and fast freezing times, but also on low energy consumption, saving you quite a bit on the electricity bill.

In short, this refrigerator is both a stylish addition to your kitchen, and a highly efficient appliance that will store and preserve your food.

And how does it compare to similar products? According to Here are some numbers:

1. Better than 76% of all the tested refrigerators

2. Better than 88% of all the tested refrigerators that cost less than $2,000

3. Better than 76% of the tested counter depth refrigerators

4. Better than 77% of the tested compact refrigerators.

If there has ever been a refrigerator that is truly a bang for your buck, it's definitely this stylish and unique model that fits any kitchen and any budget.

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