A Combination of Benefits

When you’re a bachelor or an empty nester, you might not think you have enough laundry to merit a combo washer-dryer, however, these machines can help you save space and preserve your clothes.

First, if you do laundry and then hang it out to dry on a rack, you need space. It’s also unsightly, and you have to work around it while it’s drying. A combo machine does it all in one neat little space.

Second, when you air-dry your clothes, they can feel hard and need to be ironed. When you tumble dry, you can eliminate a lot of ironing. Bet you’re already sold, right? But there’s more! A quality combo machine can help preserve your clothes.

These are features you need to look for.

First, washing clothes means the material is soaked and stretched. This can pull delicate fabrics out of shape. A machine with a delicates setting will gently cleanse and help preserve materials. Really good machines will let you specify wool, silk, synthetic etc.

Tip: You can help the gentle setting be super mild by turning delicates inside out and putting them in mesh laundry bags.

Second, look for a machine that allows you to adjust the temperature of the water and choose cooler settings for lightly soiled clothes.  Ideally, you want to be able to choose one temperature for washing and one for rinsing, like warm/cool and cool/cool.

Third, quality dryers have a sensor that switch off the heat as soon as your clothes are dry.  This avoids ‘cooking’ your clothes on pre-set timed sessions. 

Finally, for convenience, if you like to wash and go, look for a timer setting that will start your laundry automatically and present you with everything done at a time of your convenience.

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