Cutting Food Costs with a Chest Freezer

A freezer may seem like a luxury but it’s an investment that can lead to healthier eating and a lower shopping bill.

When you buy fresh food, you get discounts for buying in bulk and especially so if it’s near the sell by date. However, you may not want to eat your way through a mountain of green beans or tomatoes!  With a freezer, you can take advantage from these special offers.

Better still, you can cook soup, stew and basic sauces in bulk and freeze what you don’t use. Not only will this save you time, but when you come home hungry, being able to pull out a healthy home cooked meal also means you’ll be less tempted to eat junk food.

If you are short on space, go for a small upright freezer. These are front loading so consider replacing a kitchen cupboard. You can also get creative and place it inside a storage space like a hall closet. 

Tip: Did you know even a small freezer that’s just 1.1 cubic feet can store 35 lbs? Just think: if you’re single, you could bulk cook one day, and eat home cooked food every day for weeks!

Alternatively, look on a small freezer as part of your cabinet system. You can place it anywhere and use the top as a workspace. It will also make a lovely centre for a kitchen aisle!

If you are space rich, then a chest freezer is ideal.  These are top loading so you need to measure for a space that will allow you to lift the lid freely, ie not set into a narrow cupboard or under a low shelf.

These bigger machines have a lot of storage space, so look for one with an interior light so that you aren’t groping in a dimly lit interior.  Also, as freezers are typically set in garages and storerooms, be sure to look for one that has casters so that you can move it easily around the lawnmower, and other gear. 

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