Design the Ultimate Personal Space

Design the Ultimate Personal Space

From cool paint color to a sleek combination washer/dryer, it’s simpler than ever to kit out a stylish abode.

You’ve finally found your dream home, but there’s one catch:  It needs work. Luckily, you don’t shy away from home décor, and the prospect of starting fresh really appeals. There’s so much you can do to spruce up a space, and springtime is the right time to do so.

Home Aids

Part of moving into a space is having the correct items needed to make your life run, and the right appliances are a huge part of that. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, televisions and microwaves are staples of life and choosing those that fit your home is an important decision. Kids, pets, family—the size and scope of your world will directly affect the size appliance you end up taking home. Smaller may be better, too, as that can also mean saving on energy, which can go a long way toward a better world as well as a better (read:  more expansive) budget. Haier has a solution for every room in the home, from the kitchen to the laundry to entertainment to air quality.

Dream in Technicolor

A vibrant color on the walls can make it a totally different space than it was before. It can convert a dreary four by four into a bright space. Take beige, for example, a color that’s so often used but that can look muddy over time. A simple white can work wonders, and, odd as it sounds, there are reams of shades of this simple color to choose from. Isn’t white just white? Hardly. Look at stark shades, eggshells, matte, or warmer tones with subtle hints of blue. The mere application of a coat or two takes any room to another level.

Put It On Paper

Wallpaper has made a mega comeback in the last few years, and there are more designs available than one can shake a stick at. Playful patterns abound—from leaping giraffes by Scalamandre to the incredibly artistic and forward-thinking looks at Flavor Paper to the jubilant designs by the sister team out of Brooklyn, New York, Sissy+Marley. Almost anything goes, and applying a fun upbeat style to one room can transform it entirely. Too timid to go whole hog? Try one wall at a time. A vivid print on the back wall of an office can take the mind off work as we know it. Even a floral pattern behind the bed in a master bedroom can be hugely inviting.

Shine a Light On It

An often overlooked element when it comes to home décor, lighting makes all the difference. It’s obvious that floor and table lamps are a necessary addition to any room but having the right ones, and in the right places, is key in making an otherwise dull space shine. Long-necked floor lamps flanking the couch add balance and lighting for your evening read. The kitchen especially needs the right accents since it’s a space that sees so much use. Track lighting can come in handy, given the room’s size, but so too can lighting over the stove and countertops where work is done. Dramatic oversized lamps on the nightstands will make it that much more interesting to get into bed at night. Try an offbeat shade made from a crinkly fabric or doused a bright hue to kick it up a notch. Taking that leap of faith when it comes to your design will make a standard room better. And don’t forget conveniences like dimmer switches and three-way bulbs.

Fun and Funky

Bright accessories that express your personal style make a home come alive. Hang vintage movie posters on the walls, or place family photos in similar yet slightly different frames instead of the usual standard black or brown. Try a color you normally shy away from—like bright yellow or red. Even if it’s a vase on a shelf or a planter in the corner, just the presence of a vivid color will play off more neutral furnishings like off-white couches or black armchairs. And don’t be afraid to extend that boldness to an object—like a large but beautiful bowl used as a centerpiece, or a dramatic carpet to keep the energy moving throughout a space. Anybody can add furnishings to a room; it’s the unique and different that gets noticed.

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