Giving Up Life’s Conveniences

If you could replace one appliance in your home, which would it be? No doubt, the right dishwasher, range, or refrigerator makes all the difference in our modern lives. Having dishes come out sparkling from a machine that can tackle any job, or owning a top-of-the-line fridge with compartments for everything truly sets one’s mind at ease. Appliances are supposed to take the chaos out of our everyday existence. They cut kitchen work in half, and have changed the way we keep house. Imagine the days when an icebox kept food from spoiling, or a washboard and elbow grease were the “mechanized” means to clean clothes?

Thanks to ingenuity and inventions, those days are well behind us. Haier makes solutions for every chore and that fit every space in the house, from washers that can be placed under a kitchen counter to ductless air conditioners that can be installed in most any room. There are microwaves that make a perfect gift for the new college student, and beverage centers to pair with them; your student will be the envy of the floor with a dorm room that’s kitted out with pieces like these. Stylish kitchens benefit well from Haier’s French door refrigerators. At only 28 inches across, they work in any size kitchen; the capacity, however, at 14.9 cubic feet is almost its strongest selling point. There’s enough room inside to hold all three food groups, and anything else that tempts from the grocery store shelf. If it’s your business that needs appliance solutions, Haier has those too, in the way of chest freezers, wine cellars, and professional cooktops.

The key advantage Haier brings is a specialty in appliances tailored specifically for small spaces. We use the word “solutions” since they really do take the effort out of some life tasks. Getting a household job done can be hard enough, and finding an appliance that fits into more cramped quarters—especially those in urban environments—can practically be labeled a triumph. Haier champions that cause, with portable space heaters, undercounter dual-drawer refrigerators, and combination washer/dryers—as well as those that are stackable to boot.

So, the question remains, if you had to give up one appliance in your home, which would it be? We’re waiting on your answer …..



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