The NASA TV App is Out of This World

Haier Roku Streaming TV Apps

Are you a fan of space exploration? Do you want to learn more about the sun, stars, galaxies and other celestial objects? If yes, then download the NASA TV app on your Haier Roku TV!

This app broadcasts educational and science fiction programs (in real time) about space exploration adventures and missions that are currently taking place. Watch live coverage of a huge variety of manned space missions by NASA. These include international launches and even space shuttle coverage.

Apart from this, there are numerous educational programs and documentaries aimed towards the general public, particularly youngsters, to facilitate them with knowledge of space exploration and astronomy.

If you are an individual that loves watching (and learning about) space missions and the various endeavors by NASA, download the NASA TV app on your Haier Roku TV. All you need is to simply add the channel and you can start watching the 24-hour broadcast from NASA (the channel is supervised and controlled by the United States based space agency itself).

So if you are ready to experience the world of space right in your own living room – learn more and download the NASA TV app here.


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