A Range of Possibilities

A range sounds like it belongs in a huge country kitchen, right? But even if you have an apartment, having an all in one system for cooking can save you space and be more efficient.

In some ways kitchens suffer from legacy thinking: in the past, ranges were based on a central heat source, usually a wood or coal burning system. When electricity and gas became standard, these were expensive and tricky to install, so kitchens typically had small sets of burners independent from ovens.

Today technology is efficient and miniaturised so you can have the advantages of an old-fashioned range in a very compact modern setting. Even better, you can choose gas, electricity or opt for a duel system that makes the best of both worlds!

A simple 2 cubic feet range gives you four cooking rings on top, and a generous sized oven. This means you can cook soup, a traditional roast, two vegetable dishes and a cooked dessert all at the same time!

Modern ranges have very precise temperature controls, which means you can use them to gently defrost items straight out of the freezer as well as broil at high heat so you seal in juicy goodness.

As it’s an all-in-one system, you eliminate juggling hot dishes across the kitchen. Gourmet chefs will appreciate being able to prepare dishes on the top, sealing and browning, and then shifting dishes seamlessly into the oven for finishing the dish.

If you’re a busy cook, you can prepare a dish for one and then keep the rest on low in the oven for when the others come home.

A simple range takes up no more space than a kitchen cupboard but if you have a bit more space, a slightly bigger range will net you an extra ring on top and enough interior oven space for a generously sized Thanksgiving dinner. 

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