Small space living

Live Large in a Small Space

There’s a new reality of doing more with less. The onslaught of cellular and mobile technology and the freedom it’s brought to our lives has quickly made us realize that the more we have, the more we might be weighed down. And that’s seen an increasingly mobile society demand an environment that’s in lockstep. We want spaces that are easy to navigate, and pieces in them that work, both aesthetically and mechanically. Emerging trends in downsizing—and even micro-spaces —bear this out, as many Americans decide that a smaller space, even a tiny one, is ultimately the way to go.

This is where Haier’s Small Space Living solutions come in. Whether you’re starting out, trading up or settling down, a small space can offer large opportunities. Haier delivers smart ideas that let you make the most of the kitchen, laundry or den in your house, condominium, or apartment. We designed Small Space Living for each stage of life—from university to first apartment to family time to empty nest—to help make each chapter easy and enjoyable. Haier’s suite of compact home appliances maintains a foothold in the marketplace, since our understanding of consumer needs by life stage, as well as our holistic focus, has helped us turn out products that deliver on concept, more than just function.

Small space living

Citizens United

As baby boomers opt to trade the family home for a condominium once the kids are grown and gone, Haier can help them redecorate with slim, efficient designs for every room in the house, and appliances that enhance any décor, traditional or contemporary. Younger people who migrate to metropolitan environments and urban dwellers who settle down to raise families are often encountering less spacious environments than the generations before them. They look for value over status and intelligence over trend and, most of all, individuality. The new generation of consumers is inventive, and wants a flexible, aspirational lifestyle that comes along for the ride.

Small space living

Less Consumption, More Enjoyment

A new attitude is springing up toward homemaking, too, as nesting seems to be the new nightlife. Haier’s Small Space Living solutions are meant to maximize the enjoyment of entertaining at home, with products that offer metropolitan practicality and economic value, in one stylish package. Living—and living it up—in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t do it in a big way.